Macro & Tensile Testing / Macro & Tensile Testing

Destructive weld testing, as the name suggests, involves the physical destruction of the completed weld in order to evaluate its characteristics. This method of testing is used frequently for a number of applications. Some of these applications include welding procedure qualification and welder performance qualification testing, sampling inspection of production welds, research inspection, and failure analysis work. A number of destructive weld testing methods are used to determine weld integrity or performance. Typically they involve sectioning and/or breaking the welded component and evaluating various mechanical and/or physical characteristics. We shall briefly examine some of the more common methods of this type of welding inspection. We shall consider the macro etch test, the fillet weld break test, the transverse tension test, and the guided bend test. We shall consider how they are used, and what types of weld characteristics they are designed to determine. We shall examine their advantages over other inspection methods and their limitations.