Consultation for Hazard Management

  • Identification of potential hazards and suggesting preventive measures.
  • Evaluation of the adequacy of existing fire protection equipments First Aid, Fire Fighting Appliances / System (Fixed Fire protection like Hydrant, Sprinklers etc.)
  • Preparation of specific procedure for fire emergency control.
  • Identification and assessment of major hazards & emergencies recommending control measures and developing suitable disaster management strategy.
  • Tailor made in plant training of manpower for fire & safety.
  • Identification of potential hazards in storage & handling of chemicals. Recommending measure for limiting losses & avoiding emergencies / accidents.
  • Technical assistance for conducting specific in company safety systems review and loss control audits (Safety Audits).
  • Advice on statutory & standard requirements on safety health & environment.
  • Guidelines / License for storage, transportation of petroleum, License for installation static pressure vessel (unfired), operating pressure vessels (unfired), SMPV (unfired), License for filling & storage of gas cylinders with compressed gas.
  • Suggestions on proper safeguards & procedures for injury prevention, occupational health hazards & advice for procurement of personal protective equipment.
  • Investigation of major fires / accidents with a view to highlighting deficiencies and recommending improvement in prevention & protection.
  • Risk analysis / assessment, HAZAN & HAZOP study.

Testing & Certifications

  • Pressure Vessels (N.D.T. & Hydraulic Test).
  • Lifting Tackles.
  • Lifts & Hoists.
  • Chartered Engineer Certificate.
  • Valuation of Plant & Machinery.

On-shore & Of-shore Oil Field Inspection & Certification

  • Pre operational Load Test of Cargo Handling Equipment, Lifting Tackles, Lifting Gears, Loose Cargo Gears etc.

Preparation of Reports

  • Plans & Drawings of Industry as required.
  • On site Emergency Action Plans.
  • Risk Assessment (Study & Analysis).
  • Chemical Format (Schedule VII).
  • Safety Reports (Schedule VIII).
  • Safety Audits (Based on questionnaire/standard check list).
  • Safety Policies.

Specialty Services offered

  • Job of measuring thickness & preparation of detail drawings with manifolds, valves, different joints of total L.P.G. pipe line installed in the Plant.
  • Preparation of various L.P.G. Pipe line drawings, Water Hydrant Line, Water Sprinkler & Air Pipeline layout, Fire Extinguishers & Hand Siren Drawing, Electric Line Layout drawing as per the layout installed at site.
  • Preparation of P & I Diagrams of different vessels & it’s pipe lines with valves, attachments, joints etc. as per layout installed at site.