Thermal Calibration Laboratory / Thermal Calibration Laboratory

We offer a range of calibration facilities in Thermal discipline designed to meet the requirements of national/international Standards. Master Calibration equipment with traceability to national/international Standards are available for calibration of parameters of Thermal disciplines.

Calibration of the following instruments is undertaken :

  • emperature Sensors / Thermocouples / RTDs
  • Temperature Gauges / Temperature Recorders
  • Temperature Transmitters, Muffle Furnaces, Welding Ovens, Portable Ovens
  • Glass Thermometers
  • Hygrometers

Personnel in this laboratory are well trained both in – house and at reputed external institutions. Stringent environmental controls are maintained to obtain accurate results. The services offered by the Thermal calibration laboratory are well accepted and are availed of by Engineering, Steel, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Equipment Manufacturing, Process Related, Ancillary & Service Industries.




Precision Thermometer – ASL /(F 150) -200 to 2300°C
Platinum Resistance Thermometer – Fluke/(5626) -200 to 661°C
Standard PRT – Isotech/(935-14-82) -40 to 250°C
‘R’ Type Thermocouple – Isotech/(935-14-88) 150 to 1000°C
‘S’ Type Thermocouple – Fluke /5650) 0 to 1100°C
Fast Cal Low Temperature Bath – Isotech -40 to 140°C
Temperature Bath (Pegasus 1200) – Isotech 150 to 1200°C
Oil Temperature Bath (7341) – Fluke -45 to 150°C
Field Metrology Temperature Bath – Fluke/(9144) 50 to 650°C
Humidity Generator (HUMILAB) – GE Sensing 10 to 90 %RH