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Magnetic particle testing is used for the testing of materials which can be easily magnetized. This method is capable of detecting open to surface and just below the surface flaws. In this method the test specimen is first magnetized either by using a permanent or an electromagnet or by passing electric current through or around the specimen. The magnetic field thus introduced into the specimen is composed of magnetic lines of force. Whenever there is a flaw which interrupts the flow of magnetic lines of force, some of these lines must exit and re-enter the specimen. These points of exit and re-entry form opposite magnetic poles. Whenever minute magnetic particles are sprinkled onto the surface of such a specimen, these particles are attracted by these magnetic poles to create a visual indication approximating the size and shape of the flaw.

We supply wide range of Fluorescent Powders and Fluorescent Magnetic Powders used for crack detection of ferrous materials at highly competitive prices. The applications of these magnetic powders are in the field of forgings, foundry, fabrication, atomic energy, aerospace, ship building, railways, automobile, etc., for the purposes of quality control of components being manufactured for above and for maintenance and overhauling. The fluorescent powders will glow under UV or black light, in dark conditions to show the defects. The defects will be identified as brilliant yellow green indications. We also offer both oil suspendible and water suspendible magnetic powders.
Non fluorescent magnetic powders for crack detection are available in two colours namely black & red. Inspection is possible without the use of UV or black light and without the inconvenience of darkened area. Cracks can be viewed easily in daylight or visible light. The application, therefore, becomes more versatile. Inspection can be outdoors irrespective of availability of special light. Non Fluorescent Magnetic Powders are used by foundries, railways, fabrication and for pipe line inspection. The Non-Fluorescent Powders are available as powder, paste and liquid concentrate for suspension in either oil or water. They are also available in self spray Aerosol cans. Non-Fluorescent Powders for dry application are available in powder form