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Liquid penetrant is also known as Dye penetrant inspection uses Dye penetrants that is applied to surfaces and allowed to seep into surface opened discontinuities. After removal of excess penetrant the surface is then applied with developer that brings back the penetrant on to the surface due to blotting action of the developer. For better visibility and contrast with developer, penetrants are added with red color or fluorescent dyes. Penetrants are classified based on the sensitivity and method of excess penetrant removal.

Penetrants that can be removed by directly washing with water are called water washable penetrants. Penetrant the needs to be applied with emulsified after penetrant dwell time in order to make it water washable are called Post Emulsifiable penetrants. Penetrants that can be removed by solvents are called Solvent removable penetrants. Sensitivity and type of penetrant is selected based on applicable specifications, product codes and application of the components.

Our sales and supplies only quality dye penetrant chemicals and accessories that are approved by various leading companies, Nuclear, Government and Defense organizations. The Dye penetrant chemicals will meet ASTM E 165, Pressure vessel codes, Nuclear, Aerospace and other national and international standards, codes and specifications

  • Visible and fluorescent dye penetrants
  • Solvents/cleaners for cleaning the test objects
  • Dry/Wet /nonaqeuous developers
  • Penetrant systems suitable for aerospace NDT applications
  • Ni-Cr test panels
  • Aluminium test blocks
  • Lint free cloths
  • Dye Penetrant systems suitable for mass production components
  • Light meters- Lux meters, UV intensity checking meters
  • Calibration of all types of Dye penetrant system gauges and accessories

Liquid Dye Penetrants meet requirements of ASTM E – 165, ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code Section V Article 6, IS 12889, BS 3658.