Our Strength / Our Strength

India has embarked upon extensive industrial development in the recent years which has further increased the social responsibilities of the industries in terms of selection of safety technologies and processes which take care of the environment in the factory and its surroundings.

The responsibility for ensuring safety of people at work, as well as habitation around the industries and environment lies with the industries.

Factory workers are constantly exposed to chemical hazards, like gas emission, explosion, fire, spillage of chemicals, accidents from height and moving machines, handling, etc.

Safety should start at the top from senior management and pervade through the hierarchy.

This is the company culture concept. Safety manuals are no substitute for a safety culture on a safety minded work force.

It is people who cause accident due to lack of knowledge/awareness and it is only people who can prevent them through right guidance and policy. The main reason for various kind of accidents is due to non – compliance of safety rules & regulations. Unsafe conditions can expose a variety of hazards, which can be eliminated or minimized through scientifically organised program of prevention & control.