Lifting Tools & Tackles Testing
M&M has an extremely competent team to carry out the inspection, testing and certification of lifting tools and tackles. Our detailed checklists, skilled manpower and testing facilities allow us to provide a thorough inspection of EOT cranes, Tower cranes, Gantry Cranes, Hydras, Cherry-pickers, Hoists, Chain Pulley Blocks, Winches, Goods Lifts, lifting tackles/gear & Cargo Handling Equipments. We have over own 8 nos. of electronic load cells of capacities up to 50 Ton for carrying out load testing. In addition we have a load testing bench designed for up to 100 Tns ,200 Tns & 250 Tns. capacity. Our IT capabilities assist in carrying out inventory management of thousands of tools and tackles for our clients, thus ensuring hundred per cent compliance.